Exciting new Changes for Departure Lounge Caskets.
In 2014 we were approached by Andy Mitchell the owner of Departure Lounge Caskets to discuss his new casket concept.  Although the casket design and construction was very different from those commonly used in NZ, we felt that these differences had merit, and were excited to support their entry into the NZ market. Since the first sale in August 2014, Andy has added to the casket range and introduced a series of matching urns.

We are pleased to say that orders for the DLC range of products have now increased substantially to the level where they have a well established foothold in the market place. We have discussed this with Andy and with our blessing, he has decided to take over the responsibility of marketing and distribution.

Therefore from the 1st of August, all orders will be processed and invoiced through DLC directly and not Mortech Industries NZ Ltd.
We have enjoyed working with Andy and his wife Maggie, and will continue to support them in any way we can from behind the scenes. We wish Andy and Maggie every success and sincerely hope that customers of the DLC products will continue to support them, as they have done us.
As from 1st August, please direct all of your casket enquiries and orders to:
Departure Lounge Caskets (DLC)
Phone: 09 215 0809
Mobile: 021 360 306


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