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We welcome families to view our extensive range of urns and memorial products. However, as we do not sell directly to the public,
these products must be purchased from your local funeral firm.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Model: Sk30
General purpose spill kit for use with any liquid spill. Absorbs up to 30L of oil and chemical spills.The spill kit contains a mixture of loose absorbent fibre, absorbent sock and pads as well as the necessary PPE including gloves and a respirator plus instruction card and disposal bag. &nb..
SteriGel 60ml flip top hand sanitiser gel Great to keep in the hearse.    Ethanol 70%..
Model: 1003
These pads have been designed to supplement embalming and reduce Formaldehyde odors, moisture and malodor or for the use in situations where embalming is not practiced or possible. Particularly useful for medical schools, long term storage, badly decomposed bodies, long distance transport a..
Brand: Award Embalming Products Model: 18130
Germicidal Body Wash has a light citrus fragrance. Simply apply onto a wet sponge and rub over the body. Rinse off with clean water and towel dry. Can also be used as a hair wash.  ..
A convenient 375ml pump bottle waterless, no fuss, no rinsing, quick drying sanitiser, which kills 99.99% of germs.  ..
Model: ENZ
The unique non-corrosive, non-foaming action makes this triple enzyme Enzystel ideal for cleaning instruments and equipment where blood, mucous, saliva, faeces or other body fluids are present. Excellent for cleaning hollow instruments such as trocars, drianage tubes and cannulae. Extremely econ..
Model: MED
Medistel disinfects in 10 minutes and sterilises in 30 minutes. Medistel is primarily designed for open tank use.  Medistel is economic to use – once diluted 1:20 with water the solution can be used for up to 14 days...
ClenAir™ is a unique odour-neutralising gel, not a strong perfume that masks odours. It actually attacks the odour causing compounds and eliminates them. 1/2lb container.Application: Embalming room, casket, viewing room, transfer vehicles  Directions for use in Casket or smaller areasOpen..
Model: 22335
1 ply paper towels.   Dimensions: Width - 250mm  Length folded - 115mm Length open - 225mm Sold 20 packets per box...
Model: AIRG01
A high level airborne disinfectant designed for the rapid decontamination of inaccessible surfaces, to reduce the cross infection in high risk environments. This easy to use fogger is suitable for frequent decontamination of the embalming room and is recommended when it has been exposed to Clostridi..
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