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We welcome families to view our extensive range of urns and memorial products. However, as we do not sell directly to the public,
these products must be purchased from your local funeral firm.

Safety Apparel & Equipment

Model: Sk30
General purpose spill kit for use with any liquid spill. Absorbs up to 30L of oil and chemical spills.The spill kit contains a mixture of loose absorbent fibre, absorbent sock and pads as well as the necessary PPE including gloves and a respirator plus instruction card and disposal bag. &nb..
10 pack of SpillTech heavy weight (400GSM) universal absorbent pads. Each pad absorbs up to 1.2L of any liquid spill including oil and petrol...
Model: 10036
Replacement wool filters for the Cactus Face Mask (10053).This filter works by trapping particles and micro-organisms in the fine filter threads. As such, over time it will need replacing. We would recommend filters being replaced (and the mask itself being washed) every month for normal use an..
Model: 10055
The single use “duckbill” style respirator provides protection for the wearer from body fluids, particulate material and thermal generated particles. They are N95/P2 AS?NZS1716:23012, surpassing the American N95 standard. ü  Latex free ü  Sold individually. Purchase 50 to ..
Model: 10043
These faces masks are hypoallergenic and latex free. They conform to the NIOSH N95 standards providing 95% filter efficiency. ü  High Filtration Capacity ü  Adjustable Padded Nosepiece..
Model: GLV
Non-toxic, hypoallergenic natural moisturizerSecond skin for hands and body—keeps good stuff in, bad stuff outDermatologist prescribedShielding lotion—an advance on standard industrial barrier creams and moisturising lotionsProtects hands against cleaning compounds, solvents, acids, oils etcMakes it..
Model: 12227
These 6 mil, Nitrile gloves have an extended cuff – 300mm. These are 100% nitrile rubber, powder free with a textured non-slip grip.  Small, Medium, Large, XLarge Box quantity: 50 pc..
Model: 12210
 Hand plus  Powder free and non-sterile gloves made from nitrile that is 5 times stronger than latex 100 per box ..
Model: STSRX01HF
Medium Silicone Half Face Mask Respiratory Starter kit for use against a variety of different organic, inorganic and acid gases plus ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives. Easy talking and communicating with a speech diaphragm. Approvals - EN 140, AS/NZS 1716 Starter kits is supplied i..
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