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We welcome families to view our extensive range of urns and memorial products. However, as we do not sell directly to the public,
these products must be purchased from your local funeral firm.

Cavity Fluids

Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1013008
Dyno Cavity 20.5 fluid is a low fuming cavity chemical, unsurpassed in the treatment of the abdominal and thoracic cavities in the most difficult cases. Dyno Cavity may also be used for external surface packs and for firming senile tissue. Eckels products are free of Phenolics or Glutaraldehyde...
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1013050
Pene-Tone is a highly penetrating, cavity chemical containing preservatives and disinfectants with an index of 22. This cavity fluid offers a high degree of both preservation and disinfection. It's rapid penetration, drying and bleaching action make it ideal for use with a viscera bag or dry packing..
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