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Embalming Products

Brand: Award Embalming Products Model: 18130
Germicidal Body Wash has a light citrus fragrance. Simply apply onto a wet sponge and rub over the body. Rinse off with clean water and towel dry. Can also be used as a hair wash.  ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1013008
Dyno Cavity 20.5 fluid is a low fuming cavity chemical, unsurpassed in the treatment of the abdominal and thoracic cavities in the most difficult cases. Dyno Cavity may also be used for external surface packs and for firming senile tissue. Eckels products are free of Phenolics or Glutaraldehyde...
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1011006
Dyno-Tone Arterial, 20 index, is a suitable index for normal cases and those presenting with post mortem discolouration or low protein. If more firming action is required, simply increase the amount of chemical used to produce the desired results. Ideal for cardiac cases.  Eckels products a..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1012005
Dyno-Tone Pre or Co-injection has excellent anti-coagulant qualities to greatly increase the ability to clear the circulatory system in preparation for the injection of arterials. Dyno-Tone Pre injection has an index of 6.4 and when used neat without any additives, is an excellent preservative for t..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1015027
Checkit Preserving Powder is a sterilising and preserving powder, excellent for use on drowning cases, open wounds, sores, abrasions, decomposition etc. It provides long-lasting preservation, deodorises and has fungicidal properties that combat the development of mould.  Eckels products are..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1011007
Dyno-Supreme arterial, 30 index, is a high tinting, fast acting, deep penetrating preserving chemical with excellent clearing actions. Excellent for use in drowning, tissue gas and long delayed embalming cases. Great for treatment of extravascular blood discolouration and drug residues. Can alleviat..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1012022
Eck-O-Lan is a high humectant concentrate lanolin oil formulation, for use with arterial chemicals to produce life-like contour and texture, particularly in emaciated cases. Lips and eyes will not dehydrate in even the warmest climate and its diffusing ability helps dispose of blood discolourations...
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1013050
Pene-Tone is a highly penetrating, cavity chemical containing preservatives and disinfectants with an index of 22. This cavity fluid offers a high degree of both preservation and disinfection. It's rapid penetration, drying and bleaching action make it ideal for use with a viscera bag or dry packing..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1014035
Eckels DriOxin Clear is a Cauterant fluid. Does not contain any phenol or dye. Its bleaching and penetration qualities make it ideal for preservation of tissues.  It can be applied as a surface pack directly on the skin or hypodermically  injected.  16 oz bottle..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1011008
Dyno-Ultra arterial, 34 index, is a fast acting, deep penetrating preserving compound with excellent clearing actions without the harsh effects and graying often experienced with high index arterial chemicals. Excellent for use in drowning, tissue gas and long delayed embalming cases. Great for trea..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1012001
Gold can be used either as a Pre or Co-injection fluid with any Eckels arterial fluid. A superior vascular flush that breaks up and removes blood clots ensuring good drainage and penetration of the arterial fluids. If poor circulation is still experienced add extra Gold to the arterial solution. ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1012025
Veloxin for Edema will reduce swollen tissue due to fluid retention, allowing the arterial solution more thorough distribution and a more complete preservation and disinfection. The usual recommendations for using an edema fluid is to establish circulation and then add 8oz per gallon of diluted arte..
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