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We welcome families to view our extensive range of urns and memorial products. However, as we do not sell directly to the public,
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Accessory Products

Model: 100036
Embalmers Putty is a moldable mastic filling compound that is perfect for the use in cranial autopsy cases, eye enucleation and oral cavities.  Comes in 1kg tub. ü  Low Fumingü  Reduced toxicityü  Non-Flammableü  High Preservation ü  More natural re..
Brand: Award Embalming Products Model: 18130
Germicidal Body Wash has a light citrus fragrance. Simply apply onto a wet sponge and rub over the body. Rinse off with clean water and towel dry. Can also be used as a hair wash.  ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1015027
Checkit Preserving Powder is a sterilising and preserving powder, excellent for use on drowning cases, open wounds, sores, abrasions, decomposition etc. It provides long-lasting preservation, deodorises and has fungicidal properties that combat the development of mould.  Eckels products are..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1014035
Eckels DriOxin Clear is a Cauterant fluid. Does not contain any phenol or dye. Its bleaching and penetration qualities make it ideal for preservation of tissues.  It can be applied as a surface pack directly on the skin or hypodermically  injected.  16 oz bottle..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1015026
Dry Seal Leak Sealant is a powdered incision and leak sealant that will absorb more than 10 times its own volume in moisture. Dry seal is an exceptionally absorbent powder. If spilt, dry seal is easily rinsed from hair or off the table...
Model: 1000480
Eckels Epibond, Aron alpha is strong biodegradable tissue adhesive that polymerizes upon contact with tissues (Cyanoacrylate). It can be used as a hemostatic agent where there is leaking, or to glue tissues together in incision sites. Packet of 5 tubes ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1014043
A fast acting cauterant and deodouriser with a sticky consistancy which enables it to stay in place.  Eck-O-Gel contains preservatives that are excellent for surface embalming or the treatment of viscera in posted cases. As a topical application, it penetrates the skin 1 cm in 15 minutes making..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1000069
Eckels Emollient Spray leaves the skin feeling soft and natural. Recommended for spraying onto the face, neck and hands to prevent post mortem moisture loss.  ·         Can be used prior to, during and after the embalming procedure. ·   ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1015030
Eye-Lip Cream is a dual purpose cream with adhesive properties and ingredients which prevent dehydration and separation of the eye lids and lips. ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1014023
Kosme-Tints are compatible with all Eckel's arterial chemicals. Available in Red or Tan to ensure the best cosmetic results. Use sparingly, by the capful, until the desired colour has been attained.  ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1000037
Life-Tone Satin prevents dehydration and provides an ideal surface to assist with the application of cosmetics. Use:·         Can also be used as a massage cream.·         Apply to the face and hands after embalm..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 1014028
Sanifectant used full strength deodorises and disinfects on contact. It can be sprayed into the oral and nasal cavities or used as a topical disinfectant on the body surface. Add Sanifectant to any Eckels arterial solution to treat tissue gas, distended and green discoloured abdomens. ..
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