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We welcome families to view our extensive range of urns and memorial products. However, as we do not sell directly to the public,
these products must be purchased from your local funeral firm.

Absorbing and packing Products

Model: 10107
These absorbent cranial caps have a fluid impervious outside material. The inside has layers of cellulose impregnated with absorbent. The absorbent with turn fluids into a gel to prevent further spreading. These conform to the shape of the head and can be cut to size, or you can slide un..
Model: FT10505
Webril Alternative.2.5mm white needled felt.12.5m per roll16.6cm H..
Model: C10506
Webril Alternative.48 sheets per roll38cm perforation 18m roll ..
Model: 1003
These pads have been designed to supplement embalming and reduce Formaldehyde odors, moisture and malodor or for the use in situations where embalming is not practiced or possible. Particularly useful for medical schools, long term storage, badly decomposed bodies, long distance transport a..
Model: 10509
Excellent quality absorbent cotton wool.  BP 500gm  ..
Model: BFCC
A simple to use absorbent powder that will eliminate odours from a fluid. It can be used internally or externally and can easily absorb up to 5 times it's weight in fluid. It is therefore important that the area being treated is not packed with the powder as it will expand.  ..
Brand: H. S. Eckels & Company Model: 10150
Super-Absorb is a revolutionary new concept in drying and preserving compounds, used in packing the cavities and viscera of post mortem cases. It is many more times absorbent than others. When used correctly, it makes leakage a thing of the past. Super-Absorb is virtually free of dust and does not c..
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